What is QCX Africa?

We’re a Kaomi Marketing initiative to open Africa up to the West for commerce.

We publish a free Substack newsletter every Friday covering the latest need-to-knows about activity in Africa.

We host free monthly webinars with prominent and notable African executives on topics laid out on our website.

And we run a subsidised, boots-on-the ground excursion to an African city (usually Cape Town, Nairobi or Kinshasa) twice a year, where we immerse ourselves in African business and introduce you to everyone you need to know.

What content can I expect?

Headlines only.

  1. The most salient happenings in Africa recently

  2. A one liner on why this really matters in your life

  3. A synopsis of what this means from a macro and microeconomic perspective

  4. A practical insight or opportunity for your marketing efforts in Africa

Who writes this Substack?

We have correspondents in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, DRC and Morocco that we call on for the inside scoop.

As a Kaomi Marketing initiative, the Kaomi team manages and coordinates the publication (as well as other QCX endeavours such as the webinars and excursions). The primary collaborators are South African edtech entrepreneur Jason Basel and Kaomi Head of Content Angelique Swain.

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